About Bree

Bree Chapin is a New York City-based visual artist working in painting, collage, and mixed media.

Her work is known for its use of bright, aggressive colors, metallics, and feverish imagery. She experiments with materials including paint, resin, foils, collage, silkscreen, and plastic throughout her process. Bree’s work appears regularly in galleries and alternative art spaces primarily around New York City.

Artist Statement

Mortality and chipped nail polish, war and cocktails, missed trains and distant stars. As a human being, I struggle to reconcile the cosmic with the mundane. As an artist, I am compelled to channel my diffuse anxiety and paranoid disorientation into my work.

I have an unrepentant love of the artificial as testament of human activity—capable of breathtaking wonder as well as incomprehensible atrocity. The materials and colors in my work are bright, shiny, aggressive, and unmistakably man-made.