Hi there, this is an independent artist-run online store selling originals and reproductions. As an independent artist, I really really really appreciate your support as a collector and really really really want you to love your new artwork. I also love seeing photos of artwork on walls sent by my collectors!

Original Artwork

I’m especially grateful for collectors of my original paintings and artwork. There’s nothing quite like knowing that something unique I created will have special meaning and resonance for you.

Original artwork is professionally and protectively packaged, before being sent to collectors with extreme care.

I want you to love your original artwork acquisition! In the very very very rare situation where your artwork arrives damaged from transit, please contact me immediately: bree@breemakesart.com.

In general, all original artwork can be cared for simply: do not use chemicals or soaps on original artwork. To remove dust or other debris, gently wipe with a dry cloth. Any questions? Contact me directly and I will provide guidance.

Art Prints, Reproductions, and Printed Products

It’s incredibly important to me that reproductions of my artwork meet my personal standards—especially when it comes to art prints. I have chosen to only release museum-quality art prints on my store.

In order to responsibly provide access to reproductions to collectors all over the world, I use a platform that sources sustainable museum-quality printing services localized to each buyer. This platform and its service providers have an excellent reputation for high-quality reproductions.

I am also hand-picking additional products to be printed with images of my artwork. In these cases, I have taken great care to choose products and printers that bring pop and artsy delight to the purchaser. These items come with care instructions provided by their manufacturer that will help keep them in great condition for a long time.

In the case of a defect or another problem, please contact me directly bree@breechapin.com and I will review the issue. Please contact me within 14 days of receipt in order to be eligible for a replacement of the product or be issued a refund. In some cases, I will ask that the damaged item be sent to me for inspection (and to better guarantee future quality standards from our printers)

Please do not send your purchase back to the manufacturer unless instructed to do so.


After many years as a professional artist, I am super excited to begin accepting commissions for the first time! In order to give adequate time and space to produce work to my own high standards, I am only able to accept a strict limit of commissions at a time. Please reach out to me directly at bree@breemakesart.com to reserve a slot or be added to the waiting list!

Refunds and Returns

Something not right? Please contact me directly: bree@breemakesart.com. Any disputes/refunds/returns will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Please let me know within 14 days of receiving your item. I appreciate your patience while I review each situation individually to approve a remedy.

If a refund is approved, it will be processed, and a credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or original method of payment.

Contact Bree at bree@breemakesart.com for questions related to care, issues, or anything else.